Looking for a Creative Way to Address Bullying?


The new play Have You Filled a Bucket Today? by Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead is a modern take on the golden rule with humor, heart, and larger-than-life characters. Based on Carol McCloud’s award-winning books, the play tells the story of Trey, a 4th grader who learns about bucket filling from his camp counselor Mimi, Professor Smarty Pants III, and Bucket Filling Fairy (BFF), a magical creature who speaks in rhyme. This theatrical adaptation is a fun and effective way for schools and theatre companies to address bullying.

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Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead’s new children’s book, Bucket Filling Fairy has just been published and is now available for purchase here at bucketfillingplay.com. Click here to order!

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  • Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead’s play Have You Filled a Bucket Today? has had an enormous impact on our school community and beyond as it has provided a visual and fun vehicle to impart the message of bucket filling for young and not so young. Producing the play with a cast of both staff and students was a wonderful initiative as it provided relevance for the broader community rather than just children. The play has given our school community a common language since our actions are considered to be either bucket filling or bucket dipping. St Mary MacKillop Primary School is a richer community for investing the energy into producing Have You Filled a Bucket Today? as it is our way of creating a happier and more peaceful world one bucket filling opportunity at a time.

    -Judy Butler, Guidance Counselor, St. Mary MacKillop Primary School, Brisbane, Australia

  • The play provides a wonderful opportunity for schools to either begin or continue the necessary dialogue about how we treat one another. For the past 15 years Peaceful Schools has worked with schools and communities to support students as they develop the communication and conflict resolution skills to address problems when they arise and work toward mutually acceptable solutions to the common social problems students face in day to day interactions. Have You Filled a Bucket Today? provides students with examples of those common issues and explores with the characters how to work those problems out. Because students can relate to the characters, the play provides natural opportunities for teachers and parents to debrief the decision making and reinforce the positive benefits of treating everyone with respect and kindness. We are looking forward to working with schools as they incorporate the play and its message into their social emotional programming.

    -Lura Lunkenheimer, President, Peaceful Schools, Syracuse, NY

  • I took my children, ages 6 and 9, to see the Gifford Family Theatre production of Have You Filled a Bucket Today? They thoroughly enjoyed the actors, the humor and most importantly the message about lifting each other up and anti-bullying. The play has had a long term impact on their lives, as two years later they will communicate to each other that they are either filling and/or dipping each other’s buckets. Powerful! A must see for all children.

    -Christine Kowanes, Teacher, East Syracuse-Minoa Central School District, Syracuse, NY

  • Have You Filled a Bucket Today? is thought-provoking but done with humor that reaches both young audiences and their parents or teachers. In fact, some of the humor is clearly aimed at the adults. The play’s message is very evident yet delivered without preaching, and even the young people in the audience “got it.” I’d definitely recommend it.

    -Marcia Hayden-Horan, Teacher and Dept. Chair (retired), East Syracuse-Minoa Central School District, Syracuse, NY

  • As a middle school educator, I recognize the importance of a strong character education program during elementary school. I took my 7 year old to see the production of Have You Filled a Bucket Today? at the Gifford Family Theatre in Syracuse. She enjoyed the characters and the humor of the play. More importantly, she walked away with the concept of needing to “fill her bucket.” Elementary schools across the country would be so lucky to have this play available to them! Anti-bullying programming can sound very preachy and dull but this play was the opposite. The characters were very likable and funny, and this was an excellent way to remind the audience of the importance of being helpful and kind to everyone.

    -Irene Sinicropi, Teacher, Amsterdam Central School District, Amsterdam, NY